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I'm a trash troll.

Posted by my8 - 1 month ago

I don't want to care too much about using the works I publish.

but. some people think I've made some contracts with someone, or think I'm working with them.

I hate those people thinking that way.

Because actually it is different from the facts.

If someone bothers me by constantly asking me if I'm working with someone else, I'll just quit all of this.

You know I'm a trash troll.


Comments (15)

I hope that you are doing alright.

Don't let words of others cloud your perception of your craft. It happens a lot when people are famous.

I think your work and style is amazing. Honestly I know it probably bad timing but i wanted to ask if you would want to do a passion project of sorts. A video game. You don’t have to respond of course but I would really like the help. I know your feeling bad and I hope you feel better.

Let's all be Trash Trolls!

Your a really talented artist and I hope you feel better knowing there are others who are here to support you! take care of yourself alright! don't worry!

Bruv what? Your really talented, ive followed you for so many years.

Fuck the trolls trying to crawl under your skin, we love you no matter what.

My friend, please do not listen to those kind of people. You are very skilled and have very recognizable art style. Regardless of what you may think, a lot, and I mean A LOT of people like you dude. As for the people thinking you made a contract/working with someone etc.. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding. They were probably just curious, so please don't take them too seriously.

I don't know what you're talking about, could it be because I'm sleepy yeah maybe, but I know one thing you are an amazing artist and don't let those bitches tell you otherwise

Wtf??? I hope everything is ok mate! Simply I say is just ignore those people, block them if ya have too and just keep doing what you love to do. Everyone else here loves your stuff. I've been following it for so many years.

You need a friend, dude.

What’s going on?

not so trash troll.
you are really the most unique artist out there

people assuming a lot of things online, just dont let them bother you. there is a lot of annoying people online, but there's also a ton that loves your work. : )

honestly, the individuals who use your work do it out of love

i like your work. keep it up.